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Thinking about Fall

Around this time every year I get sick of summer fashion and like to look forward to the fall. It might just be my favourite season to dress for as I have a huge love for coats and boots. So bring on the fall with its cozy sweaters and dark muted colours.


Image from A Cup of Style found via  Pinterest

P.S. Are we still calling deep red oxblood or have fashion authorities come up with a new name for it this year?

I don’t purchase bags very often so when I do get one you know I really like it. This beauty came in the mail yesterday, the Rebecca Minkoff Francoise Tote.


Please ignore the cat toys and vacuum in the background. I was too excited to get all that out of the photo.

I think the quality of Minkoff bags has decreased in the past two years or so. The lining and dustbag are a poly or poly blend instead of the cotton they used to be. I still love the bag though.



With the rest of my Minkoff bags.

Now excuse me while I go stare at it for a while.

Recent Purchases

This post is coming to you from my iPhone as my computer still isn’t working. I just thought I’d post a few pictures of things I’ve recently picked up makeup/beauty wise. If you want me to give more info or a review of any of the products just let me know.


Some classic cheap yet effective drugstore products.


Rimmel’s Apocalips have arrived in Canada! This one is in shade 101: celestial. I also found my favourite Relvon lip colour for everyday, Pink in the Afternoon.


I picked up a MAC palette and depotted my small shadow collection.


I also picked up Prime Style Extender by Living Proof.

Sorry for the crappy quality photos. My computer and high quality images should return early next week.

Sorry for being MIA for the last week or so. My computer is currently nonfunctional. I might attempt some posts via my phone in the meantime. Hopefully lappy will be fixed in the next week.

To Finish: July

Somewhere between hauls and empties posts there lies that middle ground of products. The ones that just seem to be hanging around and not being used. Whether you’ve annexed them to the back of drawers or they’ve always been second to another product they aren’t being used. When I have products like this I like to gather them up and make it my mission to finish them off. These are the products I have decided need to be finished in July.


Fruits & Passion Argan Hand Butter– This has been hanging around for a couple years. Why you ask? It’s because I don’t use hand cream. I really should use it because my hands pretty terrible most of the time. It takes a pretty amazing hand cream, usually in smell, to make me want to use it on the regular. This one smells ok, sort of shea like but the consistency is a little sticky.

Repurchase? No

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This image stuck a cord with me when I first came across it on Pinterest.  A few years ago I gave up fast fashion. It’s a hard thing to do as “cheap and cheerful” deals are everywhere now. I do occasionally give in to a piece I find exceptional, usually from Zara, but my focus is now on building a wardrobe made of pieces that will last me for years. I no longer wish to be fashionable, I wish to be stylish. I would rather spend my money on one pair of quality shoes than three pairs that are doomed to look dated in a year, if they last that long. This also means that less of my clothing is going to the landfill and more of the clothing I am buying isn’t being produced by exploited workers. (I’m probably going to do a post on the ethical side of fashion in the future.)

Fashion and beauty blogs often seem to be a place of excess and hoarding of products. This isn’t what this place is or what I ever wish it to be. I want it to highlight the best and not waste what I already have. I wish to surround myself with things of quality, people of quality, and to become a person of quality myself.

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*I cannot find the original source of the picture.If you happen to know where it is from I would be very pleased if you could direct me to its source.

Spotlight: Emerson Fry

Emerson Fry isn’t exactly breaking news as it has become a favourite amongst bloggers, but I couldn’t skip over it as it one of my favourite independent designers. I first discovered the brand when it was named Emerson Made. At that time Emerson blah was creating flower broches as well as small leather goods such as belts and clutches. She started to branch into clothing and released a few collections of clothing under the name Emerson Made. I at the time purchased a tweed blazer from Emerson Made, which wonderful quality, but unfortunately doesn’t fit me perfectly anymore.


I lost track of the brand for a while but last summer they came back to my attention with a new name, Emerson Fry. The clothing still had that effortless cool factor seems to come to Emerson so natural but the designs had matured. I immediately fell for the a-line mod top but it sold out very quickly. (They’ve re-run this top this summer season but it seems like a lot of money to spend on a top.) This season’s summer line was no different for me. It is effortlessly cool and classic with influences from the 60s and 70s.


The clothing is on the expensive side of reasonable but considering that most of it is produced NYC the ethical conditions that is produced in may be worth the price tag. Emerson’s simple and chic aesthetic also means that her pieces will age well, they could be part of any stylish women’s wardrobe for years to come. Emerson Fry occasionally has codes floating around that offer significant discounts on her pieces as well as offering a small collection of ends on her site for deep discount.



PS. Isn’t her model gorgeous!

*Photos all taken from the Emerson Fry website.

Revlon Lip Butters + Revlon Lipgloss


 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss: Firecracker and Coral Reef
Revlon Lip Butter: Wild Watermelon and Juicy Papaya

A little fun I had testing out my new Revlon lip products. Four lip product become eight different looks. Which one is your favourite?

Shoppers Drugmart Haul #1


Over the past little while I have become a little obsessed with collecting of Shopper’s Drugmart Shoppers Optimum points. So when I got an email offer for 15x the points on over $40, coupled with the fact that Revlon lip products sale for $3.99 I jumped at the opportunity.  I picked up Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Firecracker and Coral Reef, Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon and Juicy Papaya, Revlon Colorstay Base Coat, and Bourjous -Healthy Mix serum Gel foundation (51). I’m looking forward to testing out all these products in weeks to come.

Total points earned with this transaction: 6080.
Total current points: 110,846.

Pierre Hardy for Nars: Vertebra


When I first Nars’ collaboration with famed shoe designer Pierre Hardy I fell hard for the Vertebra set  I’m a huge sucker for well designed packaging and the Pierre Hardy collection definitely delivered on that front. The polish come perfectly packaged in a miniature “shoe” box and the bottles lay heel-to-toe with their miniature dust bag stuffed between them. This all partnered with Nars’ minimalist typographic design. This however was not what made me fall so hard for the colours and what that colour combination reminded me of. Right away I went searching through my maybe-a-little-too-large collection of magazines.After a little bit of searching I found the photo I was looking for in the Harper’s Bazaar Fall/Winter 2009 Runway Report. There it was. The voluminous pink and brown look from Louis Vuitton’s F/W 2009 runway.



The colours are not a perfect match but you can see why they reminded me of each other. They are the perfect super subtle reference towards the outfit. No one will really get that other than me, but I’m ok with that. The nail polish itself is a great forumla and I will be rocking vertebra right, the brown, on my nails and vertebra left, the pink, on my toes quite a bit this summer.


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