Smith’s Rosebud Salve

by hannah


I came across my tin of Rosebud Salve a few days ago while rummaging through a purse I hadn’t used in a while. This product rediscovery has me just as taken as I was when I first purchased the product. The salve is a classic beauty item and Smith’s salves often appear in the must have lists of the fashion and beauty’s elite. At a meer $6 a tin it is also an affordable buy.

The Rosebud Salve is a clear pink in the tin but when applied leaves no colour. This makes it useful for more than just hydrating lips. I use it as a cuticle moisturer as well on occasion to ease irritated skin where a shoe is rubbing the wrong way. Sometimes the tin packaging can be a bit of a pain to open and repeatedly sticking one’s fingers in the balm isn’t the most sanitary but this isn’t enough to make me dislike the product. Smith’s also comes in strawberry and mint formulations so maybe I’m due to buy a few more to stash in all my handbags.