Spotlight: Emerson Fry

by hannah

Emerson Fry isn’t exactly breaking news as it has become a favourite amongst bloggers, but I couldn’t skip over it as it one of my favourite independent designers. I first discovered the brand when it was named Emerson Made. At that time Emerson blah was creating flower broches as well as small leather goods such as belts and clutches. She started to branch into clothing and released a few collections of clothing under the name Emerson Made. I at the time purchased a tweed blazer from Emerson Made, which wonderful quality, but unfortunately doesn’t fit me perfectly anymore.


I lost track of the brand for a while but last summer they came back to my attention with a new name, Emerson Fry. The clothing still had that effortless cool factor seems to come to Emerson so natural but the designs had matured. I immediately fell for the a-line mod top but it sold out very quickly. (They’ve re-run this top this summer season but it seems like a lot of money to spend on a top.) This season’s summer line was no different for me. It is effortlessly cool and classic with influences from the 60s and 70s.


The clothing is on the expensive side of reasonable but considering that most of it is produced NYC the ethical conditions that is produced in may be worth the price tag. Emerson’s simple and chic aesthetic also means that her pieces will age well, they could be part of any stylish women’s wardrobe for years to come. Emerson Fry occasionally has codes floating around that offer significant discounts on her pieces as well as offering a small collection of ends on her site for deep discount.



PS. Isn’t her model gorgeous!

*Photos all taken from the Emerson Fry website.