by hannah



This image stuck a cord with me when I first came across it on Pinterest.  A few years ago I gave up fast fashion. It’s a hard thing to do as “cheap and cheerful” deals are everywhere now. I do occasionally give in to a piece I find exceptional, usually from Zara, but my focus is now on building a wardrobe made of pieces that will last me for years. I no longer wish to be fashionable, I wish to be stylish. I would rather spend my money on one pair of quality shoes than three pairs that are doomed to look dated in a year, if they last that long. This also means that less of my clothing is going to the landfill and more of the clothing I am buying isn’t being produced by exploited workers. (I’m probably going to do a post on the ethical side of fashion in the future.)

Fashion and beauty blogs often seem to be a place of excess and hoarding of products. This isn’t what this place is or what I ever wish it to be. I want it to highlight the best and not waste what I already have. I wish to surround myself with things of quality, people of quality, and to become a person of quality myself.

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*I cannot find the original source of the picture.If you happen to know where it is from I would be very pleased if you could direct me to its source.