To Finish: July

by hannah

Somewhere between hauls and empties posts there lies that middle ground of products. The ones that just seem to be hanging around and not being used. Whether you’ve annexed them to the back of drawers or they’ve always been second to another product they aren’t being used. When I have products like this I like to gather them up and make it my mission to finish them off. These are the products I have decided need to be finished in July.


Fruits & Passion Argan Hand Butter– This has been hanging around for a couple years. Why you ask? It’s because I don’t use hand cream. I really should use it because my hands pretty terrible most of the time. It takes a pretty amazing hand cream, usually in smell, to make me want to use it on the regular. This one smells ok, sort of shea like but the consistency is a little sticky.

Repurchase? No


Calvin Klein- ckIN2U Skin Moisturizer for Her – Seriously Calvin Klein did you let a 13 year old name this? I know it was probably an attempt at being ‘hip’ but it is sort of painful. I like words, like whole words spelt out properly. The name aside I like this product. I have the perfume as well and like it. I’ve had this a few years as well and it’s starting to turn a little funny. I don’t think it does anything special regarding moisturizing but it does a good job of making your legs smells fantastic.

Repurchase? Yes, not right away though. 


Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash– I didn’t purchase this product. I was sent it a year ago because Klout believes I’m influential about body wash. (They sent me four full size bottles different body washes around that time.) I don’t think it is anything special. It smells okay and moistures okay but I’d rather have a really fantastic smelling wash.

Repurchase? No


Nivea Fruity Shine– I didn’t buy these either. I got them in a gift bag at an event at a Mango store. They are a red tinted balm that smell of cough syrup cherry. They do leave a tint on the lips and they might have a tiny bit of sparkle in them. I mostly use them for when I’m at home to moisturize. I think there are more effective balms out there as well as more appealing lip colours.

Repurchase? No


Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (BR10) – I’ve had the last little bit of this product for ages. I purchased it last summer and used it almost every day then. It was nice, however it could look a little caked if you use too heavy a hand. It is a nice product but I don’t think it’s the best foundation ever. It’s also pricey.

Repurchase? Maybe

Hope you enjoyed this style of post. What products do you have hanging around that need to be used up?