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Thinking about Fall

Around this time every year I get sick of summer fashion and like to look forward to the fall. It might just be my favourite season to dress for as I have a huge love for coats and boots. So bring on the fall with its cozy sweaters and dark muted colours.


Image from A Cup of Style found via  Pinterest

P.S. Are we still calling deep red oxblood or have fashion authorities come up with a new name for it this year?


Recent Purchases

This post is coming to you from my iPhone as my computer still isn’t working. I just thought I’d post a few pictures of things I’ve recently picked up makeup/beauty wise. If you want me to give more info or a review of any of the products just let me know.


Some classic cheap yet effective drugstore products.


Rimmel’s Apocalips have arrived in Canada! This one is in shade 101: celestial. I also found my favourite Relvon lip colour for everyday, Pink in the Afternoon.


I picked up a MAC palette and depotted my small shadow collection.


I also picked up Prime Style Extender by Living Proof.

Sorry for the crappy quality photos. My computer and high quality images should return early next week.

Sorry for being MIA for the last week or so. My computer is currently nonfunctional. I might attempt some posts via my phone in the meantime. Hopefully lappy will be fixed in the next week.


I’m currently loving these swans by Douglas + Bec for Kate Sylvester.




white swan

Little Beauties for October

1. Ibis Table Lamp – How amazing is this little number? This might call for a little do it yourself action to make an affordable version.

2. T-Shirt – Sort of out of the ordinary for me as I don’t and never have danced but I love how the words sort of sing-song off the tongue.

3. Pants – Oxblood it the “it” colour of fall 2012 but it is really just a revival of the burgundies that we all seem to rediscover our love for in the fall. I’m really loving the pairing of oxblood with baby pinks and cool tone grays.

4. Perfume – I’m pretty smitten with the packaging of these sprays. Very simple and subtle with no colour. They don’t seem to have them on the Canadian Kiehl’s site but maybe I’ll have more luck finding them in-store. They come in four different scents but I have my eye (or nose) on the Fig Leaf & Sage. 

5. Loafers -I’ve held off the loafer trend thus far but after spotting these Loffler Randall beauties I may have to cave. I’m a bit of a magpie so the touch of gold is totally up my ally. Lets just hope they go on sale soon.

fancy without the schmancy

Elfin Olive

Musings of my ever-humming brain on things I find amusing or pretty or both!


fancy without the schmancy

fancy without the schmancy

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fancy without the schmancy

Essie Button

fancy without the schmancy

Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup Clark

fancy without the schmancy

Native Fox

Native Fox: Personal style and musings By Jennifer Grace.