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Smith’s Rosebud Salve


I came across my tin of Rosebud Salve a few days ago while rummaging through a purse I hadn’t used in a while. This product rediscovery has me just as taken as I was when I first purchased the product. The salve is a classic beauty item and Smith’s salves often appear in the must have lists of the fashion and beauty’s elite. At a meer $6 a tin it is also an affordable buy.

The Rosebud Salve is a clear pink in the tin but when applied leaves no colour. This makes it useful for more than just hydrating lips. I use it as a cuticle moisturer as well on occasion to ease irritated skin where a shoe is rubbing the wrong way. Sometimes the tin packaging can be a bit of a pain to open and repeatedly sticking one’s fingers in the balm isn’t the most sanitary but this isn’t enough to make me dislike the product. Smith’s also comes in strawberry and mint formulations so maybe I’m due to buy a few more to stash in all my handbags.



Chanel- Genie | Gosh – Tea Rose|Revlon – Peony

In the summer I find I prefer to wear a no fuss lip gloss rather than a lipstick. I tend to like lip glosses that come in a long tube form with a doe-foot applicator. These are my go to selection of lip glosses from my collection. Both the Chanel and Gosh glosses are a creamy formula that add just the perfect amount of colour to the lip. The Revlon gloss in Peony is rather sheer but it has a tiny bit of gold shimmer to it adding the perfect shine to a sun-kissed look.


I’m currently loving these swans by Douglas + Bec for Kate Sylvester.




white swan

Painterly Nails

I’ve never been too into nail art. I’ve always found it is far too much effort for something that won’t last me that long. So when I came across this photo this photo on Pinterest I was delighted. Finally nail art I can do fast and easy.


Just a tiny little painterly touch of colour across a neutral nail. It’s a simple and classy way to add a little point of interest to your manicure. This method can work with many combinations. Below I’ve put together a few combos from my polish collection.


Matched vertically with the neutral on the bottom:

School of Hard Rocks and Steel-ing the Scene

 Hot Coco and Turquoise & Caicos

Sand Tropez and Tart Deco

Spotlight: Sezane

Designed by Morgane Sezalory Sezane is a French label that produces several small collections annually. The clothes are a mix of casual and dressy but they all have the air of effortless style. The majority of their manufacturing takes place in Europe and for the most part seems to be ethically produced. They take great pride in the quality of their products saying: “We attach the greatest importance to the creation of our designs. The choice of fabrics is primordial to us, as are the conditions that they are made in, to which we pay the greatest attention. We search far and wide for the right techniques and savoir-faire with our sole criterion being quality.” I’m currently lusting over their Spring 2013 collection which unfortunately is mostly sold out.


The styling of their pieces is usually simple and very wearable.



As well as clothing Sezane also produces shoes and bags.


Though the clothing echoes current trends (fluro, patchwork, dressy sweats, etc) they also have a classic air about them. This allows their pieces to transition between seasons making them a more versatile part of your wardrobe.


[1] [2] [3] [4]

June Wishlist


1/Sandles 2/Watch 3/Gaslight Anthem Band Shirt 4/Chloe Bikini 5/Dress

Soft and feminine meets relaxed grunge.

I wish cared about the things you care about, but I don’t

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Fresh Friday: Everlane

Everlane is an online retail brand that touts “radical transparency” in their retail model. They have cut out the middleman and brick and mortar stores to create high quality basics at a more affordable price to the consumer. Their products are produced all over the world but they are committed to ethical treatment of their workers wherever they may be located.   They even include photos from their factories on their blog.



They also happen to have beautiful design in both their clothing and their website. Their t-shirts have that effortless drape that I’m always searching for and their silk shirts mimic the look of Equipment blouses at more than half the price.


* All images via Everlane’s Blog

everything that is small is cute.

I was gifted these cute little measuring hedgies by my boyfriend this past Christmas and I’ve been pondering what to use them for ever since. They can be used as measuring cups but I sort of doubt their measuring accuracy, so I’ve decided to turn them into succulent gardens instead.


Ugh look at that twee cuteness.


My local floral shop often has an excellent selection of succulents in tiny sizes so finding varied plants was easy.


I’m a sucker for tiny versions of items so I planted all of my favorite succulents in the smallest hedgehog. Also how cute is that miniature donkey’s tail! The owner said that she often hides the mini donkey’s tail to save it for regulars of her shop. Finally my compulsive plant buying has paid off!

fancy without the schmancy

Elfin Olive

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fancy without the schmancy

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Essie Button

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Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup Clark

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Native Fox

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